Mieux Derma (Better Skin) is an organic skincare brand established in Brisbane in 2012. Now based in Melbourne and Shanghai, the company sells their products online through T-Mall Global and their own Shopify store. Our relationship with Mieux Derma began in 2014 when the founder approached us for strategy and branding services. During this phase we redesigned the packaging to reflect the new high quality formulas, repositioning the brand into the luxury skincare market.

We were inspired by a personal love story that the founder shared with us, and decided during the strategic phase to communicate it through the branding. Our embrace of these romantic founding qualities ultimately led to the name and philosophy of the brand. You can see this both in the products, which are made from natural ingredients, and in many of the product names, which are drawn from poems that were written during the high point of the Romanticism period at the end of the 18th century. This movement venerated nature and tried to convey its sublimity through romantic art and literature. This combination of concepts – love and nature – is at the core what Mieux Derma products are about.

In a visual sense, while there are core characteristics that define the skincare industry branding, we sought to go beyond them with a more expressive approach to art direction, product naming and written content. Mieux Derma products are sold exclusively online so we approached the branding more holistically and tried to imagine how individual components would look as a final image. This can be seen where the minimal packaging design emphasises the articulate product names, while complimenting the heavily stylised art direction.

Skincare products compete in an over-saturated marketplace where many of the low to mid-range brands are heavily-stylized and the luxury products are comparatively stripped back, with the quality of content highlighted rather than the branding and packaging. But I think that if you have a great product in any industry, there isn't a need to make bold and obvious claims through the design; they can instead be communicated through undertones in the various branded touchpoints. Consistent with this, when you receive a Mieux Derma product it is lovingly packaged with branded wrapping paper and boxes, while the bottles fit nicely in customized cotton bags. We achieved luxurious qualities through a holistic approach and high attention to detail.


Designer: Ryan Romanes

Strategist: Morgahna Godwin


LS:N Global

FIELDS : Branding, Art Direction, Webdesign, Strategy