The long boxes designed to hold higher-end sneakers are composed of one half wood while the other is a thick recyclable cardboard. The two pieces fit together at and angled connection to create visual intrigue and to establish a memorable experience of opening the carton.

A thick and colorful acrylic band hugs the middle where they merge, keeping the container closed tightly. Minimally branded, informative details are printed in white ink on the corrugated card. The logo symbol and title are intentionally separated to create a pleasing visual balance. 

Additionally, the laser cut logo acts as a ventilation system so the opposing card can be swiftly removed without imploding, while a satisfying swoosh noise occurs when the two halfs separate. The goal was to carefully craft a reusable box that would appeal to an upscale consumer; the 1%.


Design : Ryan Romanes

Product Photography : Vinesh Kumar

Print : Big Color

Engraving : Knox 

FIELDS : Packaging, Graphic Design, Branding